For Sale


Cap Maison is a luxury boutique hotel which sits on an oceanfront location above a picturesque sandy beach. Because of its stylish villa suite design it feels more like a private home with hotel facilities. Attention to detail is every where. Featuring two of the regions best restaurants, the Cliff at Cap and the Naked Fisherman Cap Maison has become the soul of St Lucian dining. Mastering the art of relaxation, this resort will appeal to the sophisticated traveler, the romantic and the food lover as well as those seeking stylish and spacious accommodation with lots of activities.
Cap Maison has been a profitable operation every year since it opened except the first year. Owners uniquely do not pay any service charges and can expect cash returns from between 2-4% over next 3 years. Owners will have 8 weeks usage maximum per year.

Villa 101 – 2 BED – Size 1951/516 with Private Pool -US$750,000
Villa 102 – 3 BED – Size 2440/424 with Private Pool – US$1,100,000
Villa 111 – 2 BED – Size 2236/1388 with Private Pool – US$750,000
Villa 112 – 1 BED – Size 1194/1587 with Private Jacuzzi – US$550,000
Villa 114 – 1 BED – Size 1194/1587 with Private Jacuzzi – US$550,000
Villa 205 – 3 BED – Size 2676/2021 with Private Pool – US$1,400,000
Villa 206 – 3 BED – Size 2670/1823 with private Pool – US$1,400,000

Bedrooms: 2