LAND at Anse La Raye

LAND at Anse La Raye
For Sale


¬†When the early French settlers arrived in Saint Lucia, Anse la Raye was one of the first areas they visited. As they sailed into the bay they may have stopped to admire the beautiful, forest hills behind it. They would have seen the two large rivers that flowed from them down to the sea. Perhaps they looked over the side of the boat and saw the shoals of fish swimming in the clear water. There were many different kinds of fish. Among them were some strange flat fish that flapped around on the sandy bottom. They too were sandy in colour, with strong whip-like tails.Their two eyes were set close together in the top of their flat heads, in English, they were called ‘skates’ but to the Frenchmen, they were known as ‘raie’. This may be why the place was called Anse La Raie – Bay of Skates.

Now you can own a piece of this history in this lovely piece of land which is up for sale.

Plot Size: 434862 sq ft