Lunar Park Commercial

Lunar Park Commercial
For Sale


Lunar Park is a unique piece of real estate nestled in a private cove of the Castries Harbour. The property consists of 47,802 sq.ft of waterfront land 5 minutes drive from the city center. It face the Duty Free shopping Complex and could easily be reached by water shuttle during cruise season

In the vincinity are many well known landmarks such as Auberge Seraphine Hotel, the Coal Pot and Jacques restaurants and the Prime Minister’s official residence. Lunar Park is also accessed via a 5 minutes drive from the George F. L. Charles Airport.

Given its vast potential, Lunar Park would be a strategic purchase for a visionary developer. The property has a number of possible uses all of which offer potentially high returns on investments. This includes:

  • Development of duty free shopping facilities
  • Construction of a small hotel
  • Construction on a small marina

There are a number of structures on the property including 2 old jetties. The other buildings are:

  • A historic British Military relic
  • A 1 level building currently used as a gym and aerobic studio
  • A 3 level house measuring approximately 73ft by 43ft. The top floor consist of a 5 bedroom 2.5 bathroom flat. The middle floor contains two (2) bedroom apartments. The ground floor us used as storage

NOTE: There is a possibility of selling individual lots measuring approximately 5000 sq ft. each. Preferences however will be given to developers who can buy the entire property. Please contact for further details

Plot Size: 47802 sq ft